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    Bortmoun got a reaction from davidjackson in In need of a great bench power supply   
    Hi there. I need a good bench power supply, which i want to build myself, for my hobby lab. The thing is, i have been thinking about LM-317 as my linear voltage regulator (and because here where i live i don't have no access to better ones). The design must have these features:
    a)Current control from few mA to 5A
    b)Voltage control from 0V to 30V.
    For this purpose I've built this schematic, which i attached here. Please, tell me what you think about this project or if does work or does not, for i am a beginner in these things. R8 is just a dummy load.
    The things i need help:
    1) How can i add a minimum load (10 mA as by LM-317 datasheet) to keep the power supply operating in different potentials?
    2) I need a replacement for 2n3822, i can't find it in my country too.
    3) Can I run it from a fixed switched power supply (way more cheaper than buying a transformer here)?
    4) In the future, I'm thinking about adding digital control with PWM to this circuit with Arduino or something like that. Do you think this is feasible?
    Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.
    PS: i have already looked here in this forum about the 0-30v power supply with op amps, but i really like the LM-317 concept, although i will build this last one if my project fails.

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