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  1. Hi i am get the following short circuit protection circuit from the website it is working fine .The problem is when the 12v supply is on it is started from NC operation after pressing the push button only the output will come and if it is short circuit at the output the relay get turn off and it is change to NC.I want to modified this circuit as first it work with NO and if it is short circuit it is work to NC that is i want to avoid pressing push button at the start up and automatically it has to work to NO at first and if it is short circuit at the output it has to work with NC.i am unable to find the way to implement this logic.Please guide me to achieve this solution
  2. Hi Friends I am new to rs485 communication i want to know how to create rs485 modbus protocol using given register value for accessing information that is read data and write data i have baud rate is 115200 data is 7, parity even stop bit is 1 and register address is for reading data register address is D174 for write data register address is M605 and M72 slave id is 3A Please guide me to create Rs485 Modbus protocol using the above register value
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