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  1. I have a degree in Mech Eng, and I work in the controls/Automation industry. So I need to know more about the controllers, relay ligic, control circuits design and applications. I have started going to school to get a Master degree in Computer Engineering. My problem is that, although I am doing extremely well with the theory, I did not get a chance to do any lab work. I bought one elctronics kit (the 300 in one). The kit shows you the circuit and how to wire them, but it does not explain the circuit design concept. It's not very educational. I am looking for some thing that gives me more than just how to wire a circuit. I need some thing that explain the concept and show how to do the wiring and analyze the circuit. Mostly deigital electronics. I am thinking to buy the "Parralax BOE". Is this a good starting point?. I am also thinking to buy the "Parallax USB Oscilloscope #28119 Understanding Signals" What are my options? Am I on the right track? .I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks
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