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  1. Hi H, There a couple of us doing this, my friend has tried 180° but it didn't work, much. I imagine that noise cancelling headphones, suppress street and chat noise, but this is intermittent bangs, which may be more difficult. We're now thinking about transducers on the windows. If you go to the post you want to EDIT, click the top 3x dots and see if EDIT comes up. C.
  2. Hi Is there a way to quieten external noise from getting into a room? E,g, living in a house with a factory nearby. I'm sure there are expensive ways, but perhaps something for a home brew project please. Cheers, Camerart.
  3. Hi, My first question. I have a PCB with a PIC RX and two sources of input, that I need to switch between. I am trying a MAX4644 switch chip for this, but although it switches ok, the DATA seems to be occasionally crossing over to the wrong side. I've added 104 CAPs to the power supply track and switch track. The chip is now powered by 5V and switched by 3.3V signals, it was tried before all 3.3V Any ideas please? Camerart.
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