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  1. Hi audioguru and all o' ya... I think that the mistake I made initially was to assume that the schematic is incorrect and not the PCB. I built the whole project *on breadboard*, according to the schematic. I would suppose that this is why it wouldn't work. When dealing with such high frequencies such as 1MHz-1GHz, breadboard testing won't work... Fore sure, I know that there is an error on the schematic (D1 is used to label a capacitor) but I dont know whether the schematic was indeed the right one for this project. The strange thing is that when I checked the schematic on the 'Smartkit'
  2. I should've been more clear about what I said earlier. - I built the project according to the schematic and not the PCB. - Afterwards, I realized that the schematic and the PCB on this website don't correspond. - I then changed the project to correspond to the PCB layout. In response to audioguru's questions: 1) I used an LM324, 14-pin IC as a substitute, instead of the "IC1 =
  3. Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum. I built the rf sniffer circuit only to find that it didnt work - the schematic doesnt match the actual PCB layout at all. Take a second glance! When I built the circuit according to the PCB layout, including enclosing it in a metal box, I found that it was just sounding continuously... It only responded to my cellphone while I was making a call, and when it was held within inches from the device. Any clues as to what problems I may have encountered?
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