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  1. Hi everyone I am going to give you and suggest some best electronic sites where you can book. There are a lot of best electronic sites like https://www.greatpcb.com/ https://www.cplfpc.com/ https://www.pcbtrain.co.uk/ These are the best for electronic. Hope this above list finds you well. Thanks!
  2. Hi KrisDong, This is a simple time-of-day digital clock, a good starting point for learning the basics on microcontrollers. It uses the 18-pin PIC16F84A, a seven-segment LED clock display and three input switches. I have almost preserved the same hardware and ordered an appropriate printed circuit board from www.greatpcb.com for making the project simple.
  3. There are so many electronic components like. 1-Resistor. 2-Capacitor. 3-Diode. 4-Transistor. 5-Integrated Circuit (IC) 6-Relay. 7-Inductor. 8-Crystal. I need this electronic component so I could not find any component. After a few days, my friend told me about GREATPCB.
  4. Hello dear, Nice information about PCB Manufacturing. PCB assembly comprises several electronic components that enable the functioning of an electronic device. PCB assembly services consist of multi-stage processes that include placing components on a PCB board, soldering them in place, and inspecting and testing these components. PCB assembly is often outsourced by OEMs to a specialist firm, as setting up a printed circuit board assembly unit requires a significant investment. There are hundreds of tiny components that help complete the circuit in a printed circuit board. A few months ago one of my friends takes the service from GREATPCB SMT LIMITED, which specializes in and guarantees prompt delivery of fast-turnaround PCB and PCB assemblies. Thanks & Regards, Yuaan Liie
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