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  1. Thank you for the answer, it helped so much.
  2. Hello there, i intend to use this project for my homework, but there are some things that i don't understand. I am a little amateur about board design and stuff, so pls don't judge me In the schematic, there are so much capacitors connected to VCC (a lot of VCC's) and i don't understand why. Aren't they all going to be paralleled? And of course which VCC is which and which capacitor belongs to which VCC pin? Please enlighten me about these. Also, in the regulator section, there are 1n5422 diodes, but i can't find these diodes in my country. Is there any equivalent for that? The link for the project: http://www.electronics-lab.com/project/40-28-pin-pic-development-board/ Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad english.
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