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  1. I know there's a million different sped controls out there but I can't seem to find one that 1)works 2) looks good. Project - I need a temperature-based variable speed control via pwm to control cooling from a compressor. The compressor is powered/controlled by a driver board that has 3 inputs for speed control... the only one free is the pwm and its rated at 0-5v, 1-10khz. So, basically a frequency generator that auto adjusts based on temperature. Referring to the attached pic, analog 0-5v control is being used by a wired remote rheostat, the 50k ohm pot is connected and set to the lowest level I can get without the compressor stopping. Since the highest value of any of the 3 inputs get priority, this will keep the compressor running even if the other 2 inputs are 0/off. Now Ive tried using an AC Infinity temp fan control (pic for reference and style i'm going for) and stepped it's voltage down from 6.3v to 4.5v through a regulator, but apparently it's not within the right frequency or I'm too dumb to figure it out... higher probability the later is correct. It'd be really awesome to have a small 3" TFT control/display with temp, setpoint, up/down, and of course - my logo... that can be produced by the hundreds and won't break the bank account. I've tried communicating with a couple companies over seas with not much luck. So can anyone point me in the right direction as where to go, what to buy for the chillers im producing? Thanks in advance!
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