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  1. Hey all. I have a need to build a cheap laser power meter, specifically, what I need is to test the output of a red laser at 650nm @ approx .80mW. I don't need anything fancy but it should be fairly accurate. I've been reading over the info at http://www.repairfaq.org/sam/laserioi.htm#ioilpm3 and have a good idea that I could build one to suit but am not sure where to start. I have a 'decent' background in electronics and could build this easily on my own if given a little push. I have a good DMM and an old but trustworthy analog scope. If someone could give me a hand I'd appreciate it. TIA
  2. Although aimed at another user, I can answer that from my own experience. I started with BSD back in '98 as an alternative to Windows, and then moved to Linux from there. I've used both OpenBSD & FreeBSD (my personal preference), and pretty much any flavor of Linux out there. Basically as far as I'm concerned, it boils down to what you're doing and how stable you want your system to be - if you're running a server platform, choose BSD (or one of the more stable Linux derivitives, e.g. Debian), and if you want a good all around machine to work with, be it gaming, internet, multimedia (or a server) choose Linux. Linux generally has better hardware support, and generally a larger user base from which to draw support for this issue or that. Now, having said all that, I'm posting this from a Win XP box. :P
  3. Hey everyone - new to the forum. Favorite languages, scripting or otherwise...ones I either use on a regular basis or am most familiar with... 1. PHP 2. Java 3. C/C++
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