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  1. Amazing! Thank you so much for your help. If none of these work out I think we'll go the route of prototyping with a company.
  2. Thank you, Harry! This indeed might be a bit too big. May I ask how you found this camera? Any specific google keywords or any other sites?
  3. Hi Everyone! I need a bit of help with my project. I need to have/implement an external mini/body camera which I can control with my iPhone app using bluetooth. The bluetooth is a necessity because our users will not have a WiFi connection. The iPhone app will need to initiate the camera to take a few photos and send them back to the iPhone app for analysis. I've searched far and wide for an existing camera with a bluetooth API, however any that provide bluetooth access only provide functions to get characteristics of the camera or turn on WiFi using bluetooth. I'm not able to find a mini camera with full bluetooth access to take and retrieve an image. Any help in this area is greatly appreciated!
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