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  1. A note.... I understand the pots wiring warning above and have sorted that out with the help of the person who created the original design. Am asking an additional question as my query to the originator... he has not answered yet so thought to come back here for help: Hello, thought I would try and come back for a follow up question given that I received responses from here, to the prior plea for help on this circuit. Note that I was able to raise the engineer who crafted this original circuit and he gave an answer that I somewhat understand… but hoping someone could clarify the addition of two resistors that are NOT part of the original schematic. I have attached a visual snapshot of the entire circuit with these additional resistors, a second snapshot zoomed in to point in question, and also the overall schematic that does NOT include these additional resistors and what I believe is a fuse that am looking for help on answering. So….. Question is… on the LED that displays as the Power on/off indicator, I saw in the video (and extracted a snapshot) that there were two resistors and what I believe is a fuse. This was not in the original schematic. I asked what these were and his reply was “These are serial resistors that serve to reduce the current through the LED diode and have a value of about 1 Kohm. In addition, these LEDs only serve as a visual indication and have no impact on the work of the device.” I understand the LED for power indicator is optional sure. I would like however to add this LED to the circuit. What I am looking for help on is… are these resistors simply a 1K ohm, ½ watt resistor? And by serial, how are they wired? Note that this is for a 19v power supply which is used in the original design. But this circuit can go up to 36v. So for a 19v power source, what are these resistors, how would this be wired in a 19v power source? Serial as in 1K ohm + 1K ohm soldered to the pot? Or how would this be wired? I cannot quite make this out in the snapshot. And secondly, what would be required if one were utilizing a 36v power source? A different resistor? How would that be wired? And, I assume the blue object in the snapshot is a fuse??? Is one really needed and if yes, can someone also clue me in on its description so I can order it, and how is it wired within the mix of the 19v and 36v circuit? Any advice will yet again be much appreciated. I can follow directions, am decent at soldering and constructing things… but am not trained in electrical engineering hence as the saying goes.. “a little knowledge is... etc etc etc.”
  2. Ugh. I understand. I will place this in front of the creator of this circuit and hopefully he will respond. I very much appreciate your eyes on this. And replying. I had palced this query on several electronic forums and you are only the second person who took the time. So, tx...
  3. Thank you! For taking the time to respond. I understand everything you have posted yes. The resistor, the ground. It does concern me about the potential short circuiting tho. I finally was able to make a connection to the person who built this circuit. I will pose your concern to him and see what he thinks. So, much much appreciated that you have replied, with detail. Very much want to build this, for the potential pain management aspect.
  4. I have an amateur level of competence when it comes to electronics, circuits, etc. Am looking at a Youtube project that combines a PEMF device (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) and a RIFE device (Royal Rife, Tesla, etc).. dual circuitry. There are two or three elements in the hand drawn schematic that I do not understand and was hoping someone could put eyes on it and identify those pieces. I have sourced almost all of the parts, but a parts list would really have helped. I’ve tried to ask the originator of this schema but have yet to receive any replies. The engineer who drew this up posted barebones schema and vid, and I can almost get through it. Almost. So looking to this learned group for any help to interpret this schema and video. Am attaching an image with 2 balloons w/text and pointers asking “what is this?”, etc. Plus an additional question is… on the front panel there appear to be two, or three different kinds of lights. Are they all the same(for pulse, pulse, out, out and power), as in LEDs?, Or might they different kind of lights for the three different types/labels. Cannot discern from the schema and vid. Am also attaching some images that snapshot the project, taken from the video. Any advice would be most helpful. Fwiw, the end game of this is the PEMF aspect assist my wife who lives in chronic pain (6 total joint replacements for instance). Additionally, she is a liver transplant recipient.. so lots going on here. The magnetic pulse fields do provide a measure of relief. Hence why am pursuing this. Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KJtAUd_Yec&t=5s Schematic: https://snag.gy/ZGwE8N.jpg To be more specific... I am just trying to identify two components in the schema. Any help would be much, much appreciated.
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