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  1. Pranking worked and they had no idea! :D Great. Btw up to what power am i legally allowed? thought it mite be a good idea to check Thanks!
  2. I have tried the TV ariel Amplifier and it worked! Thanks! Gave it an extra 8db so it now goes about 100m on any frequency.... :D Prank Time! btw do u think i could increase it further by adding another amplifier or would that blow the whole circuit? Thanks!
  3. WOW! ;D Thanks for all your help! I am going to try the TV amplifier first as this is the easiest option. I will tell you how it goes! :D
  4. Oh i see! so the amplifier has to be at the same frequency as the input? anything else i could use to boost signal? thanks!
  5. HI i am new to all this but do have some basic knowledge of how radio transmitters/ recievers work. I bought a Belkin TuneCast 2 fm transmitter to play pranks on friends with (taking over their radio) but the signal is too weak. I took it apart to see how it works and was wondering could i just plug the ariel into a guitar amplifier to amplify the signal or some other simple way? Thanks a lot, i know its strange! ;D
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