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  1. KSZ8795CLXCC has four 10 / 100M ports (P1 / 2/3/4), one 1000M port (P5), 25M crystal oscillator, SPI configuration interface and MIIM interface are not used, 1000M P5 port is connected to FPGA, and the actual hardware After connecting the P1 and P4 ports and the P5 port only uses TXD5_0 / 1, RXD5_0 / 1 and connects to the FPGA, then ask the microchip if there is a problem: 1: The external data will be directly sent to P5 after receiving P1 / 4, right? vice versa? 2: How does the P5 port TXD5_0 / 1, RXD5_0 / 1 receive the FPGA to identify whether the data comes from P1 or P4? 3: The network data from FPGA is sent to port P5 through TXD5_0 / 1 and RXD5_0 / 1. Then how does KSZ8795CLXCC know which data to hand to P1 and which data to P4?
  2. In the test BQ76PL536PAPT sampling process, it is found that when a channel inputs a signal with periodic interference, the BQ sampling is abnormal. We superimpose a 1KHz peak-to-peak 5V square wave into the BQ sampling circuit, which will act on the CELL2 channel equalization MOS tube to achieve periodic changes in the input voltage. Finally, a triangular wave with a period of about 17s is obtained. I don't know where the problem is.
  3. I will recommend the best e-site for you:www.electronic-components.hk
  4. I recently found several good electronic components sites: Http://www.hotenda.com; Https://electronic-components.hk; Https://www.omo-ic.com; You can buy many rare models.
  5. I want to make a car, use the driver module, just have a piece of ULN2003 on hand, just think about whether you can use this chip to drive, check the DATASHEET, the current of each port is 500mA, I use the two ports in parallel Do a mouth control 1 motor, a total of 4 ports control 2 motors, the battery uses two 3.7 lithium batteries, do not know if this chip can work very well?
  6. Have you used ADS8684, according to the circuit connected to the data sheet, use the internal reference power supply, also the circuit connected to the internal reference power supply circuit, /refSEL pin ground, but the REFIO pin has no voltage output, the value is 0, what is the reason what?
  7. CY7C64713 can be correctly recognized after power-on, use cycontrol or cyconsole to load the firmware in the instance (such as bulkloop) to the RAM can not be recognized by the computer, but loading the same firmware (bulkloop) to 64kb EEPROM can be correctly identified, ask what is this the reason?
  8. Newly discovered electronic components website: admin comment: sorry no parts distributors here There are many good products
  9. How to solve the ADS1230 temperature? Is it related to offset calibration?The 16 bits are taken as the two bits change with temperature. Is it related to offset calibration? Calibrated before AD starts? Or calibrated after AD startup? I used the original scale hardware to include the 1230 and the sensor and power 3.3V circuit. The original connected MCU is disconnected, and only three control lines and ground lines are connected. When the temperature rises, the number of readings increases. It is basically unchanged in a short time (about 1-2 hours) at normal temperature. Is this situation a warm performance? How to solve? The original scale has been very stable.
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