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  1. Hi to everyone... I'm new member and i want to help me to make my idea in reality. In my highschoole for electronics i get an idea for ideal AC-DC coverter without transformer. I made the circuit for small voltage (1-2 Vpp~) and as i expected it worked. In output there wasn't a broom voltage (the ~ components in output that is in range of microV) My profesor was also suprised about that. But he never give me a elan to coontinue to develop this idea for high voltage. But now, after 4 years i'm student of Informatic science and i still love electronics and I realise that is so usefull idea for companies to make products without stabilizators. Let me shortly explain my idea. - On inputs i use the standard voltage AC ~220V/50Hz - transforming this voltage to ideal DC -- 220V I have one Q, so i can realize this idea. So, please help me. It is good idea to first to transform the input voltage then to converting to DC or DC 220V with Trimer/Potenciometer to regulate the voltage? All the best and thanks for your help, Elvis Hajdar
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