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  1. Hey @electricman!! If you need some help to learn electricity. There are numerous options available on the internet like online courses, tutorials and so on. I also found an informative link: https://www.pannam.com/blog/free-resources-to-learn-electrical-engineering/ for you where you can learn various courses online at free of cost.
  2. @soldertools1 You are right, In rolling meadows this training institute is best to learn about IPC Training, Solder Rework, Solder Training, and for other PCB repair work.
  3. Hi!!! Thank you for sharing this. All sites are really very helpful for all electronics students. But above conversation @soldertraining I also found 2 valuable sites www.solder.net and IPC.org which are quite helpful to students as well, especially those who are looking at their career in PCB Manufacturing and Assembly.
  4. Resistor, Capacitor, Diode and Transistor are the most commonly used electronic components.
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