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  1. Hello Sir/Madam, I am engineering student making phase dimmer control using triac The schematic is as attached What I have observed that many times attached circuit stop working due to failure of triac I am not sure is it because of di/dt or dv/dt failure. In order to avoid this I have used triac of much higher rating (10A) even though current needed can be as low as 1A. However the problem continues. I have observed that the failure is for transformer powered halogen lamp (inductive load?) and for ceiling fans. It works satisfactorily for incandescent lamps. Also I am sharing one more observation that if I connect glass tube fuse link in series with the load then the fuse blows. From the various information available I realized that I need to use choke / inductor to overcome this problem. Is that right? I need help to 1. To find out the value of the inductor for 0.5A, 1A and 2A 2. Is this a special type of inductor? if yeswish to know make Thank you in advance Dinesh Phase_Dimmer_Schematic.pdf
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