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  1. Ok now im clear that the capacitor wired for very high voltage. What do you mean by ESR? Im really sorry coz i dont know what is ESR?
  2. Im not very sure about the amp but around 20a~30a. The capacitor use for what and why need to use this type of capacitor. Plz answer me this question> Thanks
  3. mr staigen i know wht im said. Its true that this capacitor using for 120kv. Its very high voltage and dengerous. The machine name is Electro Beam Welder and the part that capacitor contain is SR6. Made in England and were have 4 unit of SR6 here. The current also very high. We using 4 unit of step up transformers. If any small mistake in the operation it can kill.
  4. Im also not very sure about this capacitor. Some people said its electrolytic capacitor but not confirm it. This capacitor use for high voltage power supply. The supply around 120kv. This use for electro beam welder machine. I got attach more pix and waiting for ur reply. Thanks.
  5. hi Mr staigen i had attach capacitor pix. Hope it will be more easy to tell about it.Thanks
  6. i have 8 units of capacitor but im not sure on this capacitor. Need some info about this capacitor. Hope ur reply will good info to me. Below i give more details regarding this capacitor. sprague the brand 20.0uf +/- 10& 200dc 735p plz help me. Give me more detail.Thanks
  7. hi friend im new to electronic and like to ask how to step down current from 12vdc to 9vcd,24vdc to 19vdc, 9vdc to 5vdc and many stepdown. What the components using for stepdown and plz show me some schematic on this matter. Thanks hope i will get reply from u all.
  8. Anywhere thanks for the good reply and i will try on it. The transformer for all kind. I think using bulb very easy to use.
  9. I want to find the best or easy way to find out the transformer working condition? What is the way to know that a transformer can use or cannot used?
  10. Hi guys thanks alot to show mo or guide me in this problem. Hope i can improve my elec and electronic from you all. Thanks again.
  11. Hi guy im alkv23 from malaysia. Im very new on electronic line. I need some advice about current converter. How to converted 24Vdc to 19Vdc. Please show me or teach me. Thanks.
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