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  1. Hello everyone, I got a suggested simple NPN circuit that worked fine with the 1.2V trigger signal. Here it is Thanks everyone.
  2. Hello Audioguru, and thanks for your reply. Attached is the data sheet of the relay I have. The model is SRD-06VDC-SL-C. I do not know how much current the timer can provide. I hope there is a way/component that can be triggered by the 1.2V output. Otherwise, I will have to buy a new timer, but I am really interested to get the timer I have to work, of course if possible.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a digital programmable timer with signal output of 1.2V DC. It runs on rechargeable battery of 1.2V. I need to use this small output to run a small 6V relay. To my general knowledge, I need at least 3 volts to trigger a small transistor. Is there a transistor that can be triggered by 1.2V signal? or can I use a photoisolator triac to drive the relay with the small 1.2V signal? Thanks.
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