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  1. No I guess I haven't... I'm not sure what books you are talking about. lol -tkr
  2. Tekker

    Back To School!

    Haha!! I sure hope not! I'm gonna be going there to learn, not to teach.
  3. Tekker

    Back To School!

    Well, after 3 years at a community college getting a 2 year associates degree in electronics and a 1-year PC / miroprocessor certificate.... I may be going back to school!! :D I talked with a friend of mine last night who went through the electronics program with me (who has the same degree and certificate that I do) and he said that the university right by us (less than a half hour away) has an electronics engineering program. I had thought about going there before, but I had heard that they did not have any electronics courses.... Apparently my source was wrong. LOL My friend and I are going to be signing up for the engineering program.... So we will be going another 4 friggin' years of school! The 2 year degree that we took won't transfer over directly (only a few core classes will transfer), and that means starting back over again! LOL I am glad I took the other few years at the community college because their electronics program was amazing (and they had equipment other technical colleges don't even have)... Our microwave teacher used to be the head boss guy at NASA (and he donated almost a half a million dollars of equipment from NASA). So I definetely don't regret going their first. :D I have no idea how good the electronics program will be at the university, but at least I'll have the "engineering degree" to get me a good paying job.... Plus I already have a good basic electronics background from the community college, so with both places I will probably be getting an education that is at least "as good" as going to a technical trade school. Engineering is something I've really wanted to get into, but didn't want to have to leave the area to do so (due to some family circumstances) and I had no idea this university offered electronics because I had always heard they didn't. Anyways, I'm glad my friend let me know and now we'll get to be classmates again... :D It'll be nice to already know someone out there. This should be a lot of fun!! 8) 8) 8) Maybe after I'm done I'll actually be able to understand the majority of the posts on here! LOL ;) -tkr
  4. Yeah, there are a lot of books. The trick is finding the really good ones. One of the books we used in class (it was a new book they were using that year) none of the teachers really liked, so they said they weren't going to be using it the next year. LOL So finding the right books can be the tricky part. I'm not sure I understand this part.... Did you mean to read through the message board here, or is "punch line" something else? Thanks, -tkr
  5. Thanks a lot I'll check those out. 8) Another book I heard is very good is Microelectronics Circuits by Sedra and Smith. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0195142519/qid=1114844172/sr=8-1/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i1_xgl14/103-5562999-0788602?v=glance&s=books&n=507846 I'm trying to get a good collection of book ideas for when I gather up some money, then I'll already have done my research. ;) -tkr
  6. Yep, I agree. I already have this book (I wasn't expecting to see one recommended I already own haha!). It was one of the books we used in my electronics classes. So that's nice to hear others like this book too. :) Nope, haven't read that book.... Bookmarking it. Great! I've got a book on communications called Electronic Communications Technicians by Tom Wheeler, which is also good book. Do you have a name of the book by Millman Taub? That was the only name that didn't come up on amazon.com.... and a lot of stuff turned up on google for that name, so it would help narrow it down if I had a book title to search for also. Thanks a lot prateek, I was beginning to wonder if anyone read books around here. ;D ;D -tkr
  7. Haha! Yep, and hopefully those idiots will listen. ;) -tkr
  8. Tekker

    Hey! Hey!

    Probably, I'm on quite a few boards.... The only other electronics boards I've posted on is the All About Circuits forum. So if it wasn't there, then it must have been an audio recording forum or some other instrument forum. I searched for your name in the members list at All About Circuits and didn't find it, so do you visit recording forums also? Thanks! It was inspired by my old computer....
  9. Here's a site I don't think anyone's posted yet (it didn't turn up anything in the search engine).... http://www.bcae1.com/ It's titled "car audio" electronics but it has lots of great general electronics info also. This is one of the best electronics sites I have found for easy to follow explanations and it has some very cool "interactive" graphics to help the concepts sink in as well. -tkr
  10. Hey guys, I was wondering, what are some of your favorite electronics books? I have a two year associate degree in electronics and I feel I have a pretty good understanding of the basics in a lot of areas, but I'm looking to take it to the next level. I've read some of the posts on hear and it makes my head hurt. ??? A lot of you folks really know your stuff, and I would love to get to that level...... Someday. :D So what are the "essential" books that you just couldn't live without? Thanks, -tkr
  11. Tekker

    Hey! Hey!

    Hi everybody. I just stumbled across this awesome forum a few hours ago and I can't seem to stop reading so I can go to bed.... Somehow I get the feeling this is going to be a regular occurance for me. :D -tkr
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