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  1. Hello! I'm working on a project, actully i have a current rransformer having out put voltage 0-5A and some one told me as i dont have its data sheet that the voltage accross its two wire is 2 Volts, basically i want to display this current on my pc, i have done all work like i interfaced ADC with microcontroller and communicate microcontroller with PC, but i dont know how tou use this CT, i have adopted many ways as i am only working on its documentations, i have made a series circuit of two resistor and i measured coltage accross one of them then this AC voltage passes from transformer then will rectify it finally i thought that i will get the result.. but i'm not sure about it, so you ppls like to help me in this project i am you sending its block/schematic diagram, so i'm inviting you all the ppls who have done this project or doing it, thanks!!! for rwading my POST will wait for your reply..
  2. u can build bridge by using UDN and ULN ICs for DC motor Controlling
  3. i think he wants to know how to use this IC Am i right?
  4. No!! after Applying HBEN or LBEN non of the output pins goes to low they allways [glow=red,2,300]high![/glow]
  5. and this is the 89C51's program which i have written and i am sure the programis absolutely right and the hardware is also right! the problem is that the ICL7109 is damaged >:( cuz when i was setting refrence voltages from pin 39 and pin 36, by mistake the pins 39 and 40 were shorted out by multimeter's probe, and due to this the ICL7109 was heated a little but i am not sure where is the problem ??? ???
  6. Yeaaa i have also done this!... i applied no voltage at input & by giving LOW pulse at LBEN it tied all pins HIGH from B0 t0 B7.. This means, there is no effect of any input.. Ok right now the problem is this.. When i give Low pulse at LBEN which is low enable it tied all output pins from B0-B7 High And When i give Low pulse at HBEN which is low enable it tied all output pins from B8-B12 High, Yesss it exectly means there is no effect of any input! now wot u say?
  7. yes u r right! actully i forgot to put this pin HI in the schematic, but i tied HI in the hardware, i am sending you the detalied pin description please check it!! Thanks for listing..
  8. I have seen many Application Sheet, just tell me wot does it mean? ICL7109, 12-bit dual-slope converter, +/- 400.0mV 0.1mV resolution, ~12.5 conversions/s wot does +/- 400 mV means and 0.1mV resolution, does it mean you can apply +/-400 mV input signal only? and the step size is 0.1mV or what else? will wait for ur replies of all u peoples. Thanks for listing..
  9. Complete Schematic, please view it!! and tell me wots the problem!! is the schematic right!?? this schematic shows AVR controller but right now i am using 89C51..
  10. Why i cant write in Bold? Any problem? or sum thing.. wrong?? Well i am sending you Schematic... You Hold On please.
  11. I am using ICL7109 in a project, but it is not working when ever i give low pulse to LBEN or HBEN it do not convert analog data into digital but it converts all data output bits high i dont know whats going there with it, i think it is damaged can u tell me wot can happned wit it?
  12. http://www.datasheetarchive.com/datasheet/pdf/1223.html http://users.otenet.gr/~athsam/database.htm
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