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  1. Hello if anybody help me in this project or anybody know anythink about it plz help me 1.I should write an Assembly Language Program to drive a Digital Chronometer interfaced to a PC through the parallel port via a driver circuit. 2. The Chronometer will have six 7-Segment LED Displays to keep the measured time. The time will have 2 digits for minute, 2 digits for second and 2 digits for 1/100 second increments. 3. The Chronometer will be counting up (from 00:00:00 to the current time) or counting down (i.e. from 01:00:00 down to 00:00:00). 4. The Chronometer will be operated by using the keyboard of a PC and the time data that appears on the interfaced displays will appear on the PC monitor as well. 5.It will connect through pc with 25 pin parallel port Thanks a lot
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