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  1. What is RISC-V? RISC-V has in the recent past attracted the attention of major corporations across the globe like Google, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm among others. It has thrown developers into a frenzy. What exactly is RISC-V though? RISC-V is an instruction set architecture (ISA) that is open source and based on RISC principles. In essence, an ISA is an interface between software and hardware. ISA defines the supported registers, data type, main memory hardware support, and the I/O model of implementation of the ISA. RISC-V was developed at the University of California Berkeley in 2010. It is a
  2. Raspberry Pi is a single board computer manufactured in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It was originally designed for education purposes but it has since been adopted by designers, engineers and electronics enthusiasts in developing project requiring more than a basic microcontroller. This article focuses on helping you connect your Raspberry Pi to your PC using an Ethernet cable. Required tools You will require the following: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Ethernet cable PuTTy Advanced IP scanner SD card (At least 8 GB) Step 1 Install Rasbi
  3. The Arduino MKR 1300 comes equipped with the ATMEL SAMD21 bridged with a LoRa module thus allowing for remote IoT applications for instance mining, off-shore rigs, and farms. It has been designed to integrate SAMD21’s low power consumption and high performance while maintaining Arduino’s ease of use. HOW TO SETUP THE ARDUINO MKR 1300.docx
  4. Microchip UTC2000 Microchip UTC2000 is arguably the best thing to happen to consumer connectivity since Bluetooth. It was introduced in 2014 right after the introduction of USB 3.1 USB type C connectors that have since stolen the spotlight since they are reversible since they embody the same non-oriented connector on both ends. USB-C is small, robust and can handle up to 10 Bits/s, 100W of power and graphics through one single cable. The UTC2000 controller has been designed for USB 2.0 and 3.0 DFP and UFP applications. It can be designed into any existing product to upgrade them to US
  5. TE Connectivity Nector M power connector solution has announced its newly upgraded NECTOR M power system. The power system solution is designed to comply with the UL 1977 directives in conjunction with IEC 61535 standards. TE has just premiered a five-position divider that offers power, signal and regulate connection alternatives for numerous lighting and electrical appliances. TE’s NECTOR M Power System solution is a completely configurable, compact wiring connector and ducting system for the construction industry for illumination and perpetual indoor electrical operations. Its round des
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