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  1. I wanted to ask how much would a source code program with four buttons support cost. Main screen displays volts, amps, ohm, frequency, time. The program start after the set resistance is detected by the set measuring voltage 15V. Because the device works at high voltage after starting. The device simply consists of an inverter connected to the 240V network that changes it to direct current, and the microcontroller controls creating alternating current with the possibility of setting each of the mentioned parameters at one time, divided into three sections. For example: the total time is to be 30 seconds, and here it is possible to divide into three sequences: sequence 1, sequence 2, sequence 3. Settings in sequence 1: duration volt amps frequency The same in sequence 2 and sequence 3. Example: sequence 1: 3 seconds 180 volt 1.3Amp 500 Hz - sequence 2: 7 seconds 180V 1Amp 250Hz - sequence 3: 4 seconds 180V 0.8Amp 50Hz While maintaining smooth transition from sequence 1 to 3 and the ability to enable and disable one of the sequences. Let's say that this possibility is the first program. Ultimately 10 programs also with the option of enabling or disabling one of the programs. The current year, month, day and time can be set. All parameters can be saved and I do not know what is better sd card or usb stick, To read in the Excel format in the form of a table. This is an introduction to my project. Because the program will be developed.
  2. For me it's a little bit complex because I would have to describe what I want in this program. I can provide an email.
  3. Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone can write the source code for me. Of course, for a fee
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