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  1. Just to check that I have this correctly; You want to simuulate, then build, something to show that the effects you mention (over range) makle it basically non-viable for any significant range system? . So, do you want to choose parameters, eg light frequency/colour/wavelength for maximum perfrmance, or minimum; to show the effects? If you simulate first, I guess you have to already have good models for scattering & turbulance you expect in your area of application. MIght vary with circumstances. There are many free-space optical links and projects about intended for air. Maybe start there? Also, what's your budget? Are we talking million-dollar research budget or limited budget DIY? Google (free-space optical communications diy) got me https://www.hackster.io/musti/koruza-2b1824 an open-source, open hardware project and others
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