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  1. Hi, ;) I am thinking of making a project that can prevent the home satellite of receiving certain channels. For example, the device (the project) will be placed on top roof of my home to prevent all satellites around my home of receiving a certain channels. ??? pls help me in this issue thanx ;)
  2. I appreciate it specialest ;) It seems I have to spend more time on this toy 8) I will keep in touch ;D
  3. Hi, unfortunatily no, :'( there is no diagram came with this toy, refering to the internet I have found that most of the metal detector have very similar diagrams :-\
  4. Hi, I have a toy metal detector and it is detecting metal with short ranges only (about 15 cm) I want to develop that toy in order to increase the range of detecting. ??? I need your help. [email protected]
  5. Hi; I want to do the first choice((my phone number not to send to the person you call ))
  6. Hi; I am thinking about a project that can block the caller ID in the telephone. I was searching for more information about the project but unfortunately I couldn't find. Please, provide me with more information and is that project possible or not. ??? I appreciate your quick reply in advance. Thanks
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