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  1. Hi everyone my new subwoofer with cooling fan dependent on temperature which does not run upon power up. Several hours of continuous operation listening music at home with lower volume wherein the fan is still not running but I can sense 45degC on its metal casing. I wish to revised the fan circuit to permanently running upon power up for optimum protection of amplifier circuit. I wish to have your comments if what I will doing is correct.
  2. Hi everyone I have a new subwoofer but suddenly it turned off while playing. It's a 1600w and the volume is around 30% while playing. It was a second day of sound test that blown it's fuse when I looked into the power supply board. I found out mosfet 4pcs 40N60M2 shorted. As I analyze on the position of the mosfet it is not bolted into the metal frame but rather fixed on the PCB board and if I remove the board the mosfet is disengaged on the metal frame. In my analysis the mosfet may lose physical contact with the aluminum heatsink that's why it overheated and shorted the junction within the mosfet. I ordered online on the parts but I am not totally sure if the same incident will no longer occur. I will be very glad for your comments.
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