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  1. What is DC offset? Why is DC offset Bad? What is Good DC offset? What is Bad DC offset? AC riding on DC offset or DC? DC offset applies to both upswing (positive) and downswing (negative) waveforms what does this mean?
  2. 1.) Waveform checking procedures? 2.) Testing measurements and what are the terms and names? 3.) Measure impedance for input and output on each stage? how do i do this with my DMM or Oscilloscope? 4.) Time measurements? phase, pitch,frequency, period and time 5.) Frequency Response test procedures how do i do them with a function generator and a DMM or oscilloscope? 6.) Overloading the input measurements? how to measure this? 7.) Measure the Current Draw on each stage or Measuere the Current Draw of the power supply?
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