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  1. Here we share serv/manual please,share S/M too. www.sharefx.com Hect7369
  2. :) Does someone got service manual for this set? or where can I get it? I'll appreciated!! Thanks!!! Hect
  3. Set was repaired couple months ago,you need to have the original remote control or a philips universal remote to control it,otherwise,other remote, won't programmed it. Hect
  4. :) I got it! Also,I need schematic for Sony cd car stereo CDX-F7000
  5. :)Ante,,,I am looking for Sharp CD/DVD set Model CD-DVD500 or you know where might I get it??? We appreciated your help. Thanks,,, again Hect my e-mail: hmt7369@sbcglobal.net
  6. :) Hola Salvador,,Tienes el diagrama? Es util el manual de servicio para ajustar el vertical. Debido a la marca,es un poco dificil que alguien aqui,,te ayude,pero si tienes el manual o si lo puedes conseguir seria mejor,,necesitas entrar el service mode y ajustar el vertical despues,necesitas guardarlo en la memoria(eeprom). Buena suerte. Hect.
  7. They are aprox,,30 Models (I think all Advent models)!!!!TV WAS REPAIRED SUCCEFULLY!!! Hect
  8. Now i purshaced the cd-rom service manual,(many models)and I will share w/any tech,just let me know. Hect.
  9. :( I ordered eeprom,was inserted,now set doesn't work w/remote.I already check/replace IR unit pulses were found in IR IN (micro),i suspected of the Micro CPU. Any suggestions fellas???? Hect.
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