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  1. I never called you dumb I responded your comment dumb read it over then get your facts straight.
  2. Why you don't like when people are right and you are wrong ::)
  3. You just proved my point, the point is that you are not going to go to the car dealer and buy the parts you are going to go to the car dealer to buy the whole car. The whole car represents the robot topic and the engine and elec is the microcontroller and sensors. So you see that people want a topic just for robotics not just indivual parts. See what I am saying.
  4. Robotics is a topic not individual parts, that is what you don't understand. That is just like going to a car dealer and asking for the body and for the wheels and the axles and elec, but you say I will take the engine later. That is not what robotics is. In a sumo compatiton they dont say here is are microcontroller, engineering, locomotion items and elec. They say here is are robots
  5. Robotics is a topic not individual parts, that is what you are not understanding
  6. Really, let me give you an example. This is a hypothetical example Say I was new in robotics (which I am not) and I needed a lot of sources for robot wheels, what topic would I put this in? Here is another Say I want to know some of the tools on robotics, what topic should this go in? See I bet you have know answer.
  7. Well that is dumb this place needs a Robot topic Then this will be a good visiting area
  8. I think that this website needs a robot section.
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