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  1. Besides saving power through using a E-Ink display, it is also important to minimize power consumption of the microcontroller, since wireless connections such as WiFi and BLE can use up significant amounts of your project's battery capacity if left on continuously. Realtek's RTL8722 microcontroller contains 2 processor cores, a high performance core for general user applications, and a low power core to maintain system state and check for wake triggers when the high performance core is in deep sleep mode. This allows the RTL8722 to reduce power consumption when the system is idle and ther
  2. E-Paper displays offer a unique advantage in that maintaining the displayed image does not require any power, unlike LCDs and OLEDs. Power is only actively consumed when updating the display, However, the downside is that display updates can be somewhat slow, depending on the display area to be updated. The unique features of E-Paper displays makes them a good match for low-power IoT projects, since the microcontroller can set the display and go into sleep mode, only waking up to read sensor values and update the display. This demo project shows how a RTL8722 microcontroller can be used t
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