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  1. Most mainstream Android and iOS smartphones now include support for NFC functionalities. NFC is a non-contact protocol that makes it easy to transmit and receive small packets of data wirelessly. Furthermore, it also allows for passive devices, which need no battery and receives all the energy required to operate from a NFC reader such as a smartphone or card reader. Realtek's RTL8195AM development board includes a NFC antenna for use with the integrated NFC driver in the RTL8195AM chip. This opens up a new way for applications to interact with users through contactless NFC transactions. Examples would be to use NFC to sign in and out of a service, or to use NFC to open a web page on a smartphone. For more information on RTL8195AM NFC capabilities, refer to the NFC example guide: https://www.amebaiot.com/en/ameba-arduino-nfc-open-web/ Join in the community discussions at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AmebaIoT/ https://www.amebaiot.com/en/ Purchase links for the various Realtek development boards can be found at: https://www.amebaiot.com/en/where-to-buy-link/
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