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  1. Power Pi is an intelligent and cost effective uninterruptible power supply for a Raspberry Pi that can provide more than an hour of backup power and safely shutdown the Pi when battery is drained. It protects the Pi from power outages and brownouts. This UPS can power a Raspberry Pi via the 40 pin GPIO header. It can also power any other device requiring a 5V up-to 3A power supply through its screw terminal output or the USB A port. Power Pi can be powered using a wide range of input voltage (3.9V to 14V) and can provide 5V 3A continuous output. Pi monitors the status of the UPS through I2C. You can get your hands on a PowerPi by backing our project in Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tjohn327/power-pi-a-smart-ups-for-the-raspberry-pi
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