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  1. Harry, I don't understand what is : "From voltage, to voltage," if you can do the example with the example that you gave me: How the capacitor and resistor is chosen? Thanks P.S. My electronic classes are far, 40 years.
  2. Harry, I thought you talked of the capacitor and resistor to put on the button like you told, instead to make a guess with a 50k and a 0.1ufd. For the time I was OK to calculate it. But I would like to test it, but I don't know how !!!!!
  3. Hi Harry, I put a 56k resistor (that's what I have) and the capacitor 0.1ufd; and it's work great. I'm very happy. Please give me how to calculate resistor and capacitor. I appreciate help like yours it is something to make my life happier.
  4. Hi everyone, I look for a schematic for a button that I use with a 555. This button must doesn't stay turn on if I hold it, for my 555 turn off the led or relay or anything, by itself. I use a monostable circuit and now when I hold the push button the led stay on even time is pass. Thanks,
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