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  1. I came up with this circuit, any comments?
  2. Thank you Harry, just to be sure, for input I will close a switch (it stays closed) between 'pulse in' and ground and that will give me a momentary 5V pulse at 'pulse 1 out'. When I open my switch again, it will give me a momentary 5V pulse at 'pulse 2 out' ? Do I understand it right? I appreciate your help
  3. I need a circuit that gives momentarily contact when I close a switch and will give another momentarily contact when I open the same switch again.So when I switch a switch on there must be a circuit that acts as a push button switch and when I switch that switch off again it must act as another separate push button.I have a device that switches on with a push button and switches off with another push button. I want to switch the device on and of with a thermostat by using a circuit that connects the thermostat to those two push buttons, so that i can still use them to switch the device if I want to.
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