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  1. I have made a PCB for a long time, single sided and everything was done by hand. Fast forward to today, and I have several clock circuits I would like to have double-sided boards made for, and I have a pressing project that will require me to finally jump into the water. I bought a vintage unbuilt Heathkit GC-1000 clock kit, and two of the circuit boards are missing. My applications will all be less than 10 KHz circuits. The circuits in question will have DIP's of various sizes, some surface mount components, nixie tube sockets, etc. I don't mind laying all of them out by hand - I don't
  2. Hello! I am the new person, anyone who knows is there any tool or process you would recommend that can take a standard stack of Gerber files (usually 2 layers, although the potential capability to support 4 layers would be better) and bring them all together into one set of Gerber files on a combined single panel for fabrication, for fab manufacturer where this required or economically attractive. I want to do this in a way that isn't labor intensive, doesn't corrupt or change the existing Gerber files, and takes Gerber files as its input, meaning it's independent of whatever EDA / CAD so
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