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  1. HI EVERY BODY... please explain me how reflections take place in ckt when matched load is not connected to it....also explain me physics behind it.... thanks in advance... bye
  2. Thanks for reply........i have read that max frequency of sequential ckt. depends upon on set up time not on hold time....is there any condition in which max frequency depends upon both on set up time and hold time...what is this condition and what will be frequency in that case. My second query is what is race around condition ....
  3. hello evrybody.... plz tellme what is origin of set up time and hold time...i mean why there is requiremnt of set up time and hold time.....i hope i made myslf clear...
  4. sorry,audioguru i did nor get u..can u tell me in detail what u mean
  5. can anybody tell me project based on transistors which can really help me in understanding these devices...
  6. yes...my circuit is working . i can transfer 2500bps by ir and thanks to audio guru and waferstar because the pinpointed the right problem when i used the bypass capacitor circuit start working.......now let me explain my circuit then i will ask anpther question . i genrated 38khz ouput from 555 timer and gave this output to one i/p oin of 'AND ' gate and to second input pin i gave serial data then the output was given to base of transistor which drives the IR led connected in its collector leg. and on receiver side there is simple IR receiver module....the +5v supply to transistor ,reciver and "AND" gate is coming from the same point.NOw this circuit works when there is by pass capacitor in reciver why this is so????is my transistor genrating hamonics in supply line or something else???plz tell me ...i am looking forward to audioguru and waferstar for the answer because without this my project will not be complete
  7. although author has recommend bypass capacitor but i did not use it because i am using supply from company made power supply and author has directly taken output without the use of capacitor between output and ground...will these capacitors solve my problem....and i will try to paste my circuit...
  8. hello every body i am working on ir transmitter based on 555 timer and ir reciver based on vishay TSOP1738 receiver modeule..transmitter is working fine giving 65%duty cycle pulses of ir radiation at 38 khz ..my problem is reciver whose output and associated problem is shown in attachement... plz help me scanned.pdf
  9. Hello everybody i am working on IR transmitter based on 555 timer and i am succesful in making it but i want to use some other timer because frequency response of 555 timer is not stable. So can any one suggest me some other timer Thanks in advance
  10. hello every boby nyquiest does say that sampling frequeny should be atleat twice.but practiaclly it should be 5 times.
  11. SIR I am still unable to understand plz explain me with the help of block diagram
  12. Hello audioguru as far as i know signal is converted into digital signal by sampling it at a particular frequency,so in digitlised signal there is only one frequency which is sampling frequency,so how they seprate different frequencies components of original signal from digitlised signal
  13. What are the digital filters.Is it possible to seprate low,medium,high frequency components from the digitlised signal.
  14. can any one help me in programming the 2*16 lcd using c-language.I have connected lcd to the printer port of my pc.
  15. AUDIOGURU, how can i measure the output impedance by injecting a small signal at output through resistance and meauring small resulting signal at amplifier output .Can u plz explain me by simple ckt diagram.Am i right that due to small output impedance amplifier can drive small load without overloading.
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