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  1. Hey Guy and Harry, Honestly that's the direction I'm going, "A full time profession" I will take your suggestions about Dynamic microphones, and yes Ribbons are quite easy since I have already assembled the matching pair of RM-6's that I have, But my main goal is to be able to repair my Bluebird mic and my Cascade Elroy. Replacing Diaphragms is easy I've already replaced two diaphragms on my Cascade M179's. I absolutely need to learn how to do this and I'm not stopping until I do. My end goal is to eventually be the top and only microphone repair shop in Ecuador. I will look at Hunte
  2. Hello, I am studio Owner and audio engineer in Cuenca Ecuador, (for those of you who don't know that's in South America). I have a significant number of dynamic, condenser, Ribbon and tube Microphones, But no way of repairing them. there are no trust worthy technicians here and Shipping back the the manufacturer is not an option. I am trying to educate myself in order to both repair my microphones and offer my services to other local studios and live venues. I have a basic algebra knowledge base and am looking for a course or book to push me forward. I have bought a copy of the art of ele
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