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  1. Thank you everyone for your help and advice. I found a brand new updated AMP plate (DSW Pro 550) for $150.00. I think I might just keep this one (DSW Pro 500) for parts. Thanks again!
  2. Guy Thanks for the encouraging information. After searching several places on the internet I found several examples of the same board with exactly the same issue. Since reading that there may be reason for this upstream I looked closer at other components and found two components with a black substance melted?? and settling at their base. I'm not sure if it's a goop applied for vibration issues or the component melted down. The IC switch also has a pin burned off that I mentioned this in the previous post. I'm attaching a few more better pictures. If you feel I can save the board I'll take a shot at it but I'm having a difficult time finding a diode.
  3. HarryA Thank you very much for the reply and advice. While investigating this I found at least three other posts on various audio websites showing exactly the same failure and dates on the board indicate approximately the same production dates. I can only assume this is a weak point in design. Polk Audio won't repair the board and won't replace just this board on the panel but wants to sell me an entire panel with all new boards obviously at a cost. I've owned this speaker for 22 years and it worked well so I figure if I replace the burnt components I might get lucky. I'm a retired auto technician so handy with a soldering gun but NOT knowledgeable in electronics repair. After looking for an electronics repair shop and coming up empty I decided to try fixing it myself with $5.00 worth of parts instead of a few hundred dollars for a new panel. I'm going to call Polk audio Monday to get more information. Thanks again for the help!
  4. Hello all! First post here out of desperation. I'm hoping someone can help me identify these three electronic components on a circuit board for my Polk DWS Pro 500 sub woofer. They want a bunch of money to replace the entire panel with four printed circuit boards on it. If I can identify the component with P6? printed on it I may be able to solder a new one in and repair this myself. I think the IC chip is toast too as one pin is burnt off. I'm quite willing and capable to solder in new components but I must admit I'm a noobie with this stuff. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I wanted to post this in Chit Chat but it wound up here? Thanks
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