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  1. ive built this psu,when q1 is connected u2 gets hot+ output drops to 0,if i cut the emitter of q1 it seems to work ok,any ideas,btw in cc mode i get a spike on switch off,in cv mode its fine,cheers in advance.
  2. heres a better schematic i hope,the first is the same as mine,my rv1 is 5k,2nd schem is origina,also i still have q1 in my version,should i remove it?,cheers m3vuvl. heres a better original version
  3. ive built this psu as per the schematic,the issues i have are,the output is 30v with the voltage pot fully ccw,if i turn the current piot almost fully ccw the output drops to 0 with the led on,if i turn the current slightly cw it oscillates from 0v to 30v about every 3 seconds,the led flashes in time with this also,im using mc34071 opamps ,the only thing i havent changed is d7,its stil the 5.1v zenner,q2 is a bd137 and im using 4x 2n3055 pass transistors with 0.1r emitter resistors,any ideas on whats causing this wierd behaviour?,cheers m3vuv.
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