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  1. Awesome thanks for the help. I have got 3 Samsung 18650 batteries, so was planning to use those, although they are 3.6v so my output would be 10.8v - Do you think that would be ok? I have purchased this 3 cell battery holder 18650 Battery Holder Storage Box Case 1 2 3 4 Cell 18650 DIY Soldering | eBay And also this BMS board 3S 10A Balance Li-ion Lithium LiPo 18650 Battery BMS Protection PCB Board 12.6V | eBay As i already have a separate charger for the batteries, the circuit doesn't need to accept charging, (i plan to remove batteries and recharge when needed), but do i still need the BMS board, if I'm charging batteries separately? From my understanding the board helps maintain the discharge rate of certain cells so they don't go too low
  2. Hi there, hope someone can help. Ok firstly i am trying to build a water spray system that uses a 12v Solenoid which will be controlled by a PIR module. Here are the parts i have so far; 12v Solenoid: DC 12V 1/2″ Magnetic Electric Solenoid Valve for Water Air Normally Closed | eBay PIR Module: PIR IR Pyroelectric Infrared Module Adjust Relay Output Human Body Sensor 12V XD | eBay Rectifier Diode: 4 off 6A6 Rectifier Diode 6A 6AMP 600V RoHS | eBay +Various housing parts and connections for the hose pipe It is to stop next door neighbours cat from [email protected] on the driveway. So when the module detects motion it will open the solenoid and water will shoot out. I have basically been following a guide on YT, but on the video he is using a 12v power adapter plug, whereas I want to use rechargeable lithium batteries. Any advice on the batteries? Which ones i should use, and also the wiring of the battery pack? Many thanks, im a novice when it comes to this sort of thing hence following the guide on YT, so any help or advice would be great
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