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  1. My telegram is: Alin100 I can offer logistical support services for IoT / Smart Devices / Electronics - Packaging - Assembling / Dissembling - Sorting - Labeling - Quality control - Analog Components Soldering / De-soldering - Pick And Place - Finite products or spare components shipping in the European Union - Instructions manuals printing - Product upgrade / downgrade ( removing / adding components or modules to main product ) I am located in Romania (I have access to EU market ) so you will have to send your materials here or i will have to purchase them from local suppliers for you. I have suppliers for packaging materials . If you have small projects we can negotiate payment via Bitcoin / Ethereum / Paypal , no contract , we will just use trust so we see how it goes and if we can do big projects together in the future. For bigger projects we got to form a company ( as this is new service i am offering / i am testing the market if people need it for now ) .We will have to prepare a precontract before company formation.
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