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  1. and ... What do you think may still ask if NI provide tools to circumvent the blockade? Will it succeed?😁🙄
  2. As in the topic, the problem of a large number of adapters : NI GPIB-USB-HS From software version 17.6 (NI 488.2) all Chinese adapters (mainly bought on ebay) are detected as not genuine. So far the solution is to use software version 17.0 (which is also not available on the NI website). But is this the only solution? According to me, there should be at least 2 more: 1 - finding a module (entry) in the software which, after detecting an incorrect number, throws this error. 2 - (or even better) find the entry in the adapter's flash memory where the serial number is and change it Has anyone tried to deal with the topic? So far, I have not been able to find such an entry neither in the software nor in the memory of the adapter, most likely this value is encrypted in some way. and ... ... programmed eeprom 24lc256 (from original unit) serial no. changed in NI MAX but software still sees it as not genuine? WTF? (on version NI MAX > 17.0 ... actual 21)
  3. Interface GPIB-USB-HS National Instruments The device is fully functional But software from version 17.6 detects them as non-genuine until version 17.0 - no such problem. (and I attach this version to the set on CD - it works from winXP to Win10) Bought a few years ago on ebay Inside, the electronics do not differ from the original. Price : 179 Euro more info please contact via priv (shipping cost in EU ~ 10 Euro) (pay via PayPal)
  4. Stereo Encoder - Stereo Coder For the signal generator / FM Transmitter is based on a project from the site on Pira.CZ Very good parameters (see below) VERSION 1 - Ebay auction (buy now) Price - 90 Euro / US $109 - Link Ebay (full assembled in an aluminum enclosures + power supply ) - Cost shipping <Registered mail BOX item> (price start 17 $ - depending on the country) ) or the cheaper version VERSION 2 - Ebay auction (buy now) Price - 57 Euro / US $68 - Link Ebay (full assembled, NO enclosures, Labels for the enclosures included) - Low Cost shipping <Registered mail> (price start 5 $ - depending on the country) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characteristics: - Signal overshooting prevention (overshooting max. 10 %) - Low noise and distortion - Pilot tone level, audio gain and output level adjustment - High channel separation and spectral purity in common operation - RDS input and pilot sync. output makes easy to connect any RDS encoder - Microcomputer controlled Parameters and specification: Supply voltage: 15-20 V Quiescent supply current (15 V): 35 mA Channel separation at 1 kHz: >55 dB Subcarrier rejection: >60 dB Pilot sampling frequency: 1.843 MHz (19 kHz x 97) Subcarrier sampling frequency: 1.843 MHz (38 kHz x 48.5) Pilot sync. output: TTL Max. audio input voltage: 5 Vpp (1.75 V rms) Pilot tone level: linear adjustable 0-0.5 V pp Output voltage gain:linear adjustable 0-1.25 Audio input impedance: 2000 ohm RDS input impedance: 1000 ohm MPX output impedance: 600 ohm Pilot sync. output impedance: 10000 ohm Signal-to-noise ratio: >70 dB THD: < 0,05% Include : - Stereo Generator - Power Supply (Europe) 230V - if someone wants to buy without a power supply (lower price) please contact me (only fully assembled in an aluminum enclosures) - possibility of purchasing up to the PCB version Ideal for FM transmitters, Calibration and measurements (service) of FM tuners all branded components (Nichicon, Panasonic, Ti, Amphenol, Bourns, Littelfuse, Samsung, AVX, Kemet, ST, Hammond, Tyco Electronics)
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