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  1. 1. Ecosystem LoRaWAN is supported by the LoRa Alliance, an open non-profit association composed of more than 500 members. Its members work closely together and share experiences, promote and promote the success of the LoRaWAN protocol, and become the leading and open global standard for secure, carrier-grade Internet of Things LPWAN connections. NB-IoT is supported by two telecommunications standards associations, 3GPP and GSMA, both of which have the same goal of promoting the interests of mobile networks and equipment. 2. Spectrum LoRaWAN is optimize
  2. MCU 01 What is MCU? MCU is a PC-like chip. It is not a chip that completes a certain logic function, but integrates a computer system into a chip; it is just not as powerful as a PC, but it can Embedded in other equipment to control it. In a word: a chip becomes a computer The multi-computer application system of the single-chip microcomputer can be divided into a function collection system, a parallel multi-computer processing and a local network system. 02 Advantage It is small in size, light in weight, and cheap in price, which provides convenient conditions for learning, application
  3. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, more and more intelligent products such as intelligent home, intelligent transportation, intelligent city and so on have emerged in the market. These terminals rely on wireless transceiver module to realize information transmission and reception. As a result, we know that wireless modules are indispensable in the use of the Internet of Things.Wireless modules often need a backplane to match them, enabling them to perform better in their application.So the design of our backplane is particularly important. How to design is
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