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  1. The printed circuit board (PCB or printed circuit board) is actually the core of every electronic device. As the largest printed circuit board manufacturer in the United States, we are firmly committed to achieving the highest level of quality and innovation in all PCB manufacturing processes to ensure that every circuit board that leaves the factory from Nutley, NJ, is ready to exceed expectations.
  2. A board support package (BSP) is a collection of essential low level software applications configured for a specific microprocessor and its associated hardware. It supplies the drivers for all the hardware in the system andcontainsa bootloader to initialize the microprocessor and hardware prior to loading the operating system. The package may contain additional low level software to assist the developer in initializing the operating system. The BSP can also include a root file system, and a utility to configure the microprocessor and other hardware.By using PNC to develop the BSP, it will allow them to design around their circuit board fabrication capabilities and process.
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