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  1. Hi Everyone! I am the DevOps Engineer of the startup. I have developed in G language the core for the NO CODE tooling platform for R&D of Robotics, Automatics and Smart systems. The goal is to abandon coding and switch to a fundamentally new method of obtaining a software product. Many experts in open discussions give us the definition of "encoder killer" and advise us not to discuss its aspects among coders anymore, as it will be banned, trolled and a lot of skepticism. I understand them perfectly, as and they do me. However, we feel we are democratizing development for a wider audience, including those with no programming experience. We are introducing new concepts into the non-coder specialty. The platform works according to the principle - fill the graphical panel with instructions and specify the parameters, in the end we have a ready-made working script for external hardware control in a few minutes. It does not need any syntax checking and is hidden under the external graphical toolbar. Since then, I no longer write a script, and if I do, it is solely to expand the functionality of platform. If you ask, who needs it and who is willing to pay for it? As mentioned above, this is a multi-profile category of integrators who are full of ideas and want to implement them with minimal costs in a short time. That being said, the mega-ceeper of the code Chris Vanstrath (co-founder, CEO of GitHUB) states: “Coding is not the main event anymore. Building software is the main event. Coding is just one small part of it. We think the future of coding is no coding at all. we think autonomous coding is a very real thing. " “Eventually there's going to be zero code. Not for everything, but for some projects you're not going to have to code at all. We don't just have to automate warehouses and doctor's offices, we can also automate software development. " “We talk about software eating the world, we talk about all this great technological innovation, and yet at the end of the day we're still just hitting buttons on a keyboard.” “That doesn't mean this is going away, that means this is going to become more awesome, there's going to be more great tools, and more ways for you to communicate to the computer, to the system, what you want to build than ever before. We're going to have more control over the software we build in the future and it's going to be way better because all software is increasing together. ” I am interested in your opinion and I am ready to listen to any criticism. For now, I refrain from direct links to the platform's website, since I do not want to violate the forum's policy. With the approval of the administration, I will exhibit here examples of projects, as well as video materials. Download Trial version with Tutorial for installing.pdf
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