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  1. After downlaoding the ZIP File and extracting it, I find only this inside "README" - # CS5484 CS5484 is a 4 channel energy messuring IC from cirrus and this is a GOLANG library for SPI communication with it
  2. Hi Harry. Thank you very much for the quick response. But I couldn't find anything in the link "GOLANG library for SPI". I too have problems finding the code option to download the code file.
  3. I am working with CS5484 for a project and I am unable to configure the IC to output the frequency equivalent to the power consumption of the load, from the pin DO1 of the IC. -I am using the IOW56-DG SPI host adapter to configure the IC and the binary codes have to be converted to HEX, to access registers using the SPI adapter (i.e to perform register read or write). I am performing register write only. The link to the SPI dongle datasheet is- "https://www.codemercs.com/downloads/iowarrior/IOW56-DG_Datasheet.pdf". --The application interface for the SPI dongle looks like this: --The configuration steps are mentioned in the datasheet at page-23. - -These are the steps I tried, in order to configure: 1. The Pulse-Width register (P0,A8)<pg.29 datasheet> is used to set pulse frequency range,FREQ_RNG <pg.41 datasheet>. The selected FREQ_RNG is 500Hz -0.0596Hz. Command 1---- [Page Select-80]; [Register Write-48 00 00 10] 2. Pulse Rate is set to 1.(pg.41) Command 2---- [Page Select-92]; [Register Write-1C 00 00 01] 3. Pulse Control (P0,A9)<pg.42 datasheet> is set to output the average power, i.e. P1 Avg (pg.42 for register details). Command 3---- [Page Select-80]; [Register Write-49 00 01 10] 4. EPGx_ON [X=1](P0,A1) <pg.36 datasheet> is set to select energy generation block 1. Command 4---- [Page Select-80]; [Register Write-41 10 00 00] Command 5---- [Page Select-80]; [Register Write-41 00 00 00]-DO1 5. D5 -After configuring in the order mentioned above, the config. log from the SPI adapter is as follows: -Is this the way or what else is to be considered? I am unable to configure the IC It would be really helpful, if you guys can help me out with this. Thank u very much in advance.
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