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  1. ok not too sure if I tried that yet. I may have knowing how much time has been spent on problem solving. I will give that another shot tomorrow and will see what transpires. stand by. 🙂
  2. no, i don't think so. This is the only information that I can make out on the switches. maybe it will help you?
  3. Thank you for the reply. I am trying to connect the "4 pole switch" to this board like the sample picture attached. in the example picture, I have a "2 pole" momentary switch hooked up through the board and have a led light on the other side to confirm connectivity of the latching board. With this exact set up, I push the momentary switch and the other led lights up and stays on until I hit the momentary switch again. When I try to connect the 4 pole however, i cannot get it to work so I am definitely not connecting it correctly. That is where the confusion lies and I have been stuck.
  4. Hello, I am trying to wire up a latching switch circuit board and I need assistance. Here is a picture of the board that I am using. I just need to understand the schematics which is way over my head. I am attaching the momentary switch (in the picture) through the board to another matching switch The switch is a 4 pole momentary switch as you will see if the pictures attached. Thank you in advance for the consideration on helping.
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