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  1. Choosing a breadboard seemed complicated at first but I knew that it had a lot to do with adding things and ICs along with prototype work. I know a bit more than load+power source Ok, more about these modules. When I start out a hobby/project/science I like to make sure that I get the best beginning so I don't spend lots of cash. I'm one of those shoestring budget people since I'm broke a good amount of the time and don't suppose I'll be having a job because I'm a full-time college student. I've got the money now and I plan on doing a lot of prototype work and it was suggested that this be one of the things I get. I'm one of those (assemble/ take apart/ rebuild something) with the parts type of person. I like going on to larger projects with things, so I believe having something that allows me to expand (such as these module breadboards) would be a good idea. What would be the best brand/company to get these modules from? I currently have some money to buy some electronics stuff, so I'm determined on buying electronics material. I'm sure there's a way to look for stuff on ebay, so if you've done that before, any input would be appreciated. I'm looking for something solderless. I figure solderless would be the best, right? What's the point of getting those prototypes that make you solder? I'm assuming those type of breadboards are a lot cheaper, but wouldn't it be a nag to use them and desolder? Thanks for the input so far.
  2. Yes, but what are the principles to choosing a breadboard?
  3. I'm a newb to electronics, besides that I'm looking to buy a breadboard on ebay. From what I understand, a breadboard is a good first step in the world of electronics. Although my experience is nada (lightbulb to a battery) I'm hoping to excel very quickly in the next few months. So here's my question, what should I look for when I decide to buy a breadboard? I assume that a basic breadboard should be adequate for a beginner, yet I don't know what to choose in a breadboard. I was recently looking at a breadboard online selling on ebay, but I didn't know wheter or not to buy it. It seems like a good deal. I compared with radioshack and I save money buying this. However, I probably won't have a use for it right away, and I have no understanding of what the V jacks are for. So what is the lowdown in choosing a breadboard? I looked for some websites on google, but my searching terms must not have been good enough.
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