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  1. what kind of wireless calcutaor r u talking about pls be little more specific
  2. hi I am doing a project for fun. What I wanted to do is to convert the traditional calculator into the TV remote. What I have planned to use is the IC, that is found in the TV remote and connect it to the calci to get the output Can it be done? Thanks for any help
  3. hi all, I am doing a project on "Voice activated door", where I thought that I will be using a SR-07 speech recognition ckt and SRI-02 speech recognition interface kit. My mentor had aggreed to use that but my project coordinater denied to use that kit coz he told that, we are not allowed to use the custom built kits. So he told me that to write a code on C/C++ to store the voice and to check, what the speaker had said n if he is the autherized user, i need to drive a dc motor of 3-4.5V n the vocal commands are as OPEN n CLOSE with almost 70 degree of rotation on either side n using the serial port transmitt the information to the door control ckt (here i have planned to use the H-bridge). The problem that I am facing right now is that I have only basic idea on C programming. So I need ur help on this thing too. Thanks for any reply.
  4. i think that the 20-60 ns will not coz that much problem. but if it does then how can i overcome it thanks for any reply
  5. Well now I have thought about using one 555 timer, whose one
  6. hi all I came up with this idea to use to XOR gate and feed the output of the XOR gate to the input of the 555 timer so that the two timer acts in the reversible fashion meaning when one is on next one is off and vice versa. So, i think that this idea might work but m still little suspecious about this idea, any help on this matter is helpful thanks for any reply
  7. Well yes That was what exactly my mentor had told me to do, so when u guys told that adding the 555 at the output was the wrong idea then he told me that he wanted it to be added at the input to enhance the performance of the h-bridge. So what u guys think about it? Here is how my mentor wants to add the 555 timer thanks for any reply
  8. thanks for the reply additionally my mentor told me to use 2 555 timer at the output of the h-bridge and then to connect to the motor. since i dont see any logic behind using the 555 timer at the output. so is it good to use the 555 timer at the output of the h bridge to control the movement of the motor. if it can be use they can any one tell me about the why and how can they be used in the h-bridge. thanks for any reply
  9. how does this H-bridege works and the poroblem that i am facing right now is that, i couldnt find the transistor NTE262 and TIP110, are there any other transistor that i can use. what i have to do is that i have to take a voice signal which is processed using the voice recognition tools and if the right voice is there, then to run the motor to open the door or close. so r there any other transistor that can help me. thanks for any reply
  10. hey there i need data sheets for SR-07 Speech recognition circuit SRI-02 speech recognition interface relay TIP110 NPN Darlington transistor NTE262 PNP Darlington Transistor SN74LS86 Quad 2 -i/p XOR gate anyone got the data sheets for it will be appriciated thank you
  11. hi i am doing a project that needs H-bridge to control the motor so m upto using the TIP110 NPN and NTE262 PNP Darlington Transistor and diodes to create a H-bridge to control the motor. so if any one had idea on that pls help, if possible the schematic diagram is alos appriciated thank u
  12. well brother that's what i'm working on it since m not good with converting the pic to the circuit diagram but also i am working on. so i hope that in a near future i could crack it but any one of u also cracked it then please mail me at
  13. that's what m working on coz this is the project that m not doing it for fun but a project for my uni too, so i've been looking to different sites if u too find some thing then pls forward it to me too. here i have found something that i am sharing with u n if u too find something that can v useful to this project then pls forward that me too. here is the link
  14. wont be a problem, this is what this forum is for here is the site address http://www.webzila.com/srproject/ i hope that u guys can help a little after u see this
  15. thanks Shahriar but i have found on the net some one has done the same project by using H-Bridge Motor Controller SN74LS86 Quad 2-Input Exclusive OR Gate SR-07 Speech Recognition Circuit SRI-02 Speech Recognition Interface Circuit LM555 Precision Timer - 8 Pin DIP so these combination of the ckt works n also i guess that he havent used any programming language so i am little confuse about it
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