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  1. Does anybody have or know where i can find the service manual of any copier. Any type. I am trying to learn.
  2. I have done all the changes suggested here and came to this one. I will build later.
  3. Yes the switch is a momentary action one. It is possible that the IC has gone bad because in the beggining i changed the power wires by mistake (connected ground to Vcc snd Vcc to ground ) and IC heat up so much that it couldn't be touched with hand (it might have remaind in that state for two minutes). Should i replace it? Or it is ok. Thank you for your time.
  4. Still the output stays high.
  5. I have projected this timer and built it. But the output stays always High, i don't know what's wrong with it? The cap is 2200uF and the resistor is 10k. I have also tried with a 100uF cap but still no change. Any help?
  6. Thank you man i can see you searched a lot i really appreciate it Thanks again.
  7. Hi i need the datasheet of 2SC828 transistor. I really need it guys.
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