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  1. Yeah, thats the direction I am going now, playing with the firebeetle. Thanks
  2. HarryA, Thanks for this info, it does help. I've been using Pi for a while now, the Arduino is something I was just starting to get into. I might go away from an actual e-mail in lieu of some other messaging protocol, IoT or home automation protocol. I'm just looking for a small, portable (battery powered) cheap solution, short of putting a Linux server on a squirrel trap .. There has to be some way of doing this inexpensively. I want to tinker more than I need this, but the more I think about it the more I beleive there has to be some simple on chip solution I just havent heard of yet. Being in Critical Infrastructure Industry and Cyber Security I know thjings like this are growing in demand and I wanted to develop some additional skills in that regard. And I love to muck around and make gadgets and tools like this Any suggestions for online resources or other groups or forums ? Thanks again
  3. Looking for **cheap ** solution, battery powered- sensor/chip/board, that can send an e-mail when tripped on local Wi-Fi. No other functions necessary. Pi or Arduino way over kill. I am looking for a solution a single chip or sensor, or the like, that when tripped (two metal plates completing a circuit), a single e-mail will be sent over the local WiFi network. No other functions are needed. It should be battery powered (portable). A Pi or Arduino like device is way over kill.. I'm looking for something very small, and cheap. Like sub $20, or less. Its a DIY prototype for an animal trap.. I simply want to receive an alert when the trap is tripped. Im a little new to the topic, and finding resources and products is more difficult than expected. I envision a small board, with a battery, when the trap trips, it acts like a power on button, the device powers up, send a message/signal/or whatever, then shuts down again. Or could send a message every hour. Its obviously just something I want to play around with, but will use it to develop my skills to more advanced stuff
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